Saturday, October 10, 2009

a furry fur-cut !

Ruff!! I've gotten a new furcut!! Ruff Ruff!! Mom, Dad, Uncle YingLong and Uncle Darryl took me to a petstore called Dogs R Us which was great cause if i saw a cat anywhere, i would have gone bananas chasing at it. But the petstore was very big with more pawpals roaming around the whole place. Dad didnt take any pictures of them though.. bad Dad bad !! very bad !! ill make sure to make him take some the next time we visit the petstore again.

So much has been going on that i recently found even new friends and even enemies! rawr!! Mom and Dad says i make such a fuss over some neighbouring cats outside of home. Maybe one day Cats and Cloe shall mix.... mayyybe... woof*

Im addicted to chewy bone treats lately, it keeps me busy chewing ngom ngom ngom and it smells nice. Here are some pics Dad took after my new furcut!! Enjoy them till i bark up more new ones!

"Oooo... *CHEEEESE* "

"I have a pink bed i share with Mom, Love you Mom <3 "

"Boneeeeee... Cheeeewyyyy Cheeewyyy Boneeeeee~"

"Anymore treats around?? Thank you Uncle Ying Long."

"I attacked Uncle Ying Long after he poked me. He ain't movin now! Rawr!!"

i Furcuts,

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