Saturday, October 10, 2009

a furry fur-cut !

Ruff!! I've gotten a new furcut!! Ruff Ruff!! Mom, Dad, Uncle YingLong and Uncle Darryl took me to a petstore called Dogs R Us which was great cause if i saw a cat anywhere, i would have gone bananas chasing at it. But the petstore was very big with more pawpals roaming around the whole place. Dad didnt take any pictures of them though.. bad Dad bad !! very bad !! ill make sure to make him take some the next time we visit the petstore again.

So much has been going on that i recently found even new friends and even enemies! rawr!! Mom and Dad says i make such a fuss over some neighbouring cats outside of home. Maybe one day Cats and Cloe shall mix.... mayyybe... woof*

Im addicted to chewy bone treats lately, it keeps me busy chewing ngom ngom ngom and it smells nice. Here are some pics Dad took after my new furcut!! Enjoy them till i bark up more new ones!

"Oooo... *CHEEEESE* "

"I have a pink bed i share with Mom, Love you Mom <3 "

"Boneeeeee... Cheeeewyyyy Cheeewyyy Boneeeeee~"

"Anymore treats around?? Thank you Uncle Ying Long."

"I attacked Uncle Ying Long after he poked me. He ain't movin now! Rawr!!"

i Furcuts,

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cloe <3 Mom

Dedicating this post to Mom who's alllll the way somewhere studying hard for our family. Ruff ! So i picked out these pretty pics of me and Mom to put here cause i think we look alike hehe. Hang in there Mom, and get me loadsa treats when your coming back rawr!

"Im trying to look like Mom, hmm a lil more Red please."

"Ruff! Ruff! I love you Mom <3 "

I accessories-s-s,

Gulp ! Hang on !

Gulp ! im still not used to Dad's car rides yet so i always hang on realllll tight. Dad says that maybe one day, he will take me and Mom to head out on a holiday somewhere together. I can't give out any suggestions though since i havent been out much often. But i cant wait till we do go out together ruff !

"Gotta save my own tail when Dad's on the wheel. Yikes" ~

"Pweeeeeese drive slower Dad! I dont have a seat belt yet" ~

I Rides,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Sleepin Puppy !

Dad has been so busy ( "lazy" says Mom ) that he has not updated me blog ! rufff* dad ! and since that ruff* here i ammm. but he said it was gonna be bout when im catching big and little Z's . awwww dad, privacyyyy !

I luv sleeping in between stuff. its Comfyy.

I <3 Pikapoo
I kick and punch during sleeping time.

And if you wake me up? you get the gangster eyes ! *GLARE*

Mom and Dad's 1st present they got me. Strawberry flavored toy!

I sleepz,

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ruffing Day.

Mom and Dad took me to the vet today ruff ! It was raining heavily too, but i got to stay in Mom's warm arms while Dad carries an umbrella to shelter us wherever we went. The Doctor Lady was nice and kind, but i was shaking and moving all about the table cause it was so cold brrrr* the air-thingamajig-con was right in front and i was sitting on a metal table that nearly froze my tail off. We stayed in that room for quite a long time, so even Mom and Dad nearly froze their tails off too! Also, the room were filled with these things called "Mirrors" everywhere. I saw another shih tzu friend to play with in the mirror said I, so i leaped off the table to greet em (which caused Mom, Dad and Doctor Lady to freak out) and fell onto the floor ouch* but i had a safe landing even from a very high table. wooo! brave puppy i am.

Dad cuddling me at the Vet
(see the metal table? cold! ruff!)

i Jumps,

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Your Luvly Shih Tzu !

Mom seems to be gone for awhile to do some work, and Dad tells me to be proud of Mom because she's been working hard to get me new things to play and chew with, i always am proud of ya. ruff ! love ya Mom.

Here are some pictures Dad took of me just for you pals to see! Enjoy !

Two paws are better than One right?

#1 treat giving skill

Mom will Love this pose, right Dad?

Hope To See Ya Soon

i Bites,

Welcome PawPals ! rawr*

Ello Paw Pals out there! and a loud rawr* to you Non-Paw Pals.
Welcome to my Doggy Blog thats on this thingy called "ACER Laptop"! A place where Dad says he'll be able to post up bout anything that im up to. Thanks Dad. *ahem* The name's Cloe and im a Shih Tzu of *countpaws* about 3 months old now since January 14th 2009, which i was told just 2 days before Dad's burfday, rawr*. I was born and currently raised somewhere in Penang, Malaysia.

Anyways, when i first arrived to Mom and Dad's open arms, i was riding in Grandpa Kow's passenger seat of his car! Which was kinda cool if you saw the car, but scary cause his car makes *vroom* *vroom* noises. Then i reached Dad's home and that's where Mom and Dad came in. Mom's first words were "awwww so cuteeeee" and Dad was just smiling happily looking at both of us. I was treated so lovingly on that night. Then Mom and Dad took me to live at Mom's place and golly was i tired but excited with my loving parents. Every night and day, i get to enjoy Mom and Dad's company in this huge home. The next morning, i got a whole deal of yummy food and treats and brand new toys! Thankiez Mom and Dad, ruff!

So these days? im still running, jumping, biting, hiding around everything i can get my paws on and ive been trying so hard to get outside the front door, Dad has caught me outside so many times while i was busy chasing my new cat pals. Ever since then, ive even learned a couple new tricks too ya know? Ill sit and shake hands for a treat any day of the week, hehe.

Hope to meet you soon! Visit me often with treats ! rawr*

i Licks,